One thing we have to remember is, life is in seasons; we have the general climatic seasons and individual seasons which are peculiar to each individual.
In Ecclesiastes, the bible talks about the different unique human season that exists: for example, a time to love or build.
The word “seasons” is a period of time associated with something. There are “Harvest or financial seasons.” These are periods in life when we may make the most money in our life time. Some people have a longer financial season than others and some have a greater harvest than some but everyone I believe experiences his own unique financial season. When we come into such a season, it’s not a ticket to be profligate but a reminder that the lean season always follows the harvest.
Leviticus 25:21
“Then I will command my blessing upon you in the sixth year, and it shall bring forth fruit for three years.”
God told Israel that he will give them “a financial season” which was supposed to make up for three years of a lean season. When we don’t realize that some blessings are meant as a buffer stock, we can waste our resources and begin to complain that God has not been good to us, forgetting that we consumed three years provision in a year.
May God give us the discernment and wisdom to recognize and utilize our harvest when it is due.
Kakra Baiden