There are certain things which have an invisible effect. The inability to perceive them with your senses can make you belittle their impact although they may present a clear and a present danger.

There are actions and statements which have consequences in the spirit realm. For example, consider how someone becomes born again. It’s through repentance and confession. It’s invisible but has a transformational effect.
One such thing is complaining because it can have serious negative effects.

Psalms 77:3
“I remembered God, and was troubled: I complained, and my spirit was overwhelmed. Selah.”

Complaining can cause your spirit to be overwhelmed. Let’s examine some definitions of the word overwhelmed.

1. Overwhelmed means to affect someone strongly.
For example, when you complain about a problem at work it causes the problem to have a greater effect on you. It can affect your blood pressure, appetite, and sleep.

2. Overwhelmed means to have too many things to deal with.
Complaining can cause your problems to grow or increase in number. Example, when you are going through a difficult period emotionally and you complain about it, it will feed the hurt and the pain in your heart.

3. To defeat someone completely.
The end result of complaining is defeat. Because when you complain you feed the problem and cause it to overpower you.

Positive confession is the antidote to complaining. Confess the word of God instead of the problem and watch signs and wonders follow.

Kakra Baiden