Dear Kakra,

Last month, I decided to start giving my tithe again. I help people by giving them money but for the past 7 years, no one had given me money. 

I decided to write a cheque and gave my tithe ahead of my salary payment to avoid default.  That same Sunday you launched your new book, “Cypto currency” and I pledged 100 dollars even though I didn’t have that money and didn’t earn in dollars.

That following week, a friend from Canada left 100 dollars on my table as she visited. I used that to honor my pledge. The week after, a man I worked with for some time back walked into our office and as he was leaving he wrote me a cheque and said, “Spend this over the weekend.”

Also, a pending report I had lodged with African world airline a month back, got a reply that said they are refunding all my airfare plus 60 dollars compensation for my troubles.

Finally, a company paid 500 dollars to me as a refund of the money I used to purchase an item three months back. All these blessings came my way within a short period of time.

God has been faithful!