Dear Kakra,
Praise be to the most high for His blessings. 
I visited the hospital and was diagnosed with diabetes. My sugar level was 24 and the doctor said they had to detain me and put me on insulin. I was reluctant to be detained, so I was given Metformin to take. I started taking the drug. 
I came to see you one Sunday after service to inform you about my condition. You prayed a simple prayer for me and I believed. 
I went to the hospital and the sugar level had dropped to 14.7. I continued with the medication for two weeks and went for another test and the results was 5.4. I was wondering whether it was the drug that had caused the reduction or the prayers. 
I felt guilty for taking the drugs, so during the watch night service, you declared that no sickness will follow us to the following year because we are victorious. I believed in the prayer and decided that I was not going to take the drugs again. So I waited for two weeks and went for another test, and by the grace of God, my sugar level had dropped considerably. 
May God continue to use you to expand the gospel.