Dear Prophet,
I trust you are well. It’s my turn to share a testimony to encourage the myriads of people believing God for healing. I have had about three episodes of abdominal pain. The first was at the end of last year, where I was hospitalized for a few hours. However, a scan done could not locate any abnormality. Since the beginning of the year, I have had two episodes and the third one was really painful and lasted a few days.
I knew then that I needed to be prayed for to have this burden taken off me. On first March, l prayed and told God how much I wanted to be healed of this pain. I asked Him to honour my faith by asking you to pray for healing.
Can you imagine my joy when you mentioned  that God had told you He was going to heal every disease we came there with?
Immediately after that pronouncement, I felt my healing was accomplished. To the Glory of God, I have not felt this pain since your prayer.
Anytime that old fox attempts to steal my miracle, I just remind him of what you said. I’ve been free believing God’s Word to work  against any other ailment in my body and in my loved ones’ too.
Praise the Lord for His Faithfulness and Mercies.
To you the obedient vessel, I say God bless you too.