One of the things we must all learn to do is to have a mind to know God for ourselves. When Gideon delivered Israel from their enemies, the people requested that he rules over them. This was his reply.

Judges 8:23

And Gideon said unto them, I will not rule over you, neither shall my son rule over you: the Lord shall rule over you”

Gideon asked them to rather let God rule over them. There are many Christians these days who want to have a relationship with God through men of God. They don’t have a deep personal relationship with God himselfMen of God can be a blessing to you but you must never abdicate the responsibility of knowing God for yourself. 

There are people who always seek prophets to tell them what to do. There are people who always need direction from a man of God before they can take any step. All these things have their place but they must not supersede your relationship with God. I have also observed that as ministers of God we also stand in danger of replacing God himself. We love it when people depend on us because of the influence and control and financial rewards this can bring. 

We as ministers must be like Gideon. We must point people to Jesus as their ruler even if they want us to rule over them. We must be able to overcome the temptation of power, money, and pride to give God his rightful place as the king of kings. 

Let’s take a decision that we will let God rule over us.

Kakra Baiden.