Dear Kakra,

I just want to thank God for destroying everything that was defiling my body just as He promised in His word.

I was sick for about a monthwent to the hospital during the first weekand was diagnosed with Malaria and Low HBI was given medications and had my diet changed in order to increase my HB.

After about a week, I still felt very sick; weak and dizzy, so I went to another hospital for an abled body test. I was again diagnosed with Low HB, and was asked to take time off from work and eat more greens, which religiously obeyed for about a week and a half; but saw no improvement. 

These times were scary to the point that almost passed out at work one day, and had to take a sweet.

I visited the hospital again to discuss my fears and worry with the doctor, and they run further tests and realized my HB was extremely low.

But I thank God first of all for the revelation!

Days after, I went back to the hospital to meet a dietician, who also conducted series of tests on me realized my HB was lower than the week beforeI was so devastated!

When I got the notification that you were on Facebook (LIVE) – for the Accra Airpower Conference, I decided to watch. When you were about ending your sermon, you made some declarations. 

I prayed and told GodJust as He has promised in 1 Corinthians 3:17, anything that has defiled my body will be destroyed by HIM.”

Just then, the power of God hit me right there in my room, and fell to my knees and wept as I felt healing take place in my body. 

I thank God for destroying everything that defiled my body in Jesus name. 

I have been completely healed!

Praise be to the name of the Lord!