Dear Prophet Kakra,

My fiancee was due for confirmation as a permanent staff at her work place in Dec. 2017,  but that didn’t happened. She was asked to serve as a contract staff for another one year thus up to end of 2018 before she can be permanently employed. To her surprise, instead of the confirmation, an extension of contract letter has been given to her again in January this year.

We were both surprised and disappointed. She cried, became unhappy and often depressed. As the man I cried within myself but I encouraged her that she should still TRUST GOD. Having realised that the delay is not normal, we started praying and I decided to write to you to pray for her for supernatural intervention.

You replied the following day and said you have prayed for her and that you are expecting our testimony soon. Prophet, your response to my letter gave me hope and I smiled, smiled, smiled and believed again. Then I told  my fiancee to be happy for the confirmation will come sooner even before the expiration of the contract date.

Thanks be to GOD she was CONFIRMED as a permanent staff just 3 months, from the time I first wrote to you and she is now entitled to the privileges and benefits of being a permanent staff.

I thank you man of God for your prayers which has manifested. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.