Dear Kakra,

I asked for prayers for my mum who had an accident. Some few days after the prayer, she told me about a dream she had. In the dream, she was lying on a bed with three people and someone came into the room. The person was holding a syringe and said to her that he has come to give her three injections in her foot. The person went ahead to inject her and she felt something moving from her foot all the way up to her chest. 

Before that, the accident brought pains to her chest and this made her always complain of pains at her back, side, and chest.  She couldn’t travel, stand, or sit for long. 

We recently had a funeral and she was the main organizer. I saw how she was moving up and down and seeing her back on her feet. This is her first major travel and activity after her accident. To the glory of God, the daily complaints of pain and suffering has ceased. 

Thank you for your prayers. My mum is healed!