Dear Kakra,

My husband and I married in 2014 and waited a year in order to have children. After a year, when we decided to try for a child, my menstrual period stopped for about 12 months. The chance of having a child was slim. I went to my GP and he said we should keep trying as I am young and it is possible to still ovulate even though I’m not having my period, so we kept trying. 

I went back to my GP and he gave me a contraceptive tablet which induced bleeding; similar to having a normal period. 

Firstly, to help my body restart itself into the mode of having monthly period, and secondly, for psychological reasons – to have my peace of mind. The unfortunate thing was that I could not get pregnant whilst on this pill.

I was advised to come back in 6 months. I went back there after six months and was sent for an ultrasound and more blood tests.

When I went for the scan, the sonographer did not look happy during the scan so I asked her what she found and she said she’s not allowed to tell me.

She, however, assured me that my GP will keep me posted. 

My GP later informed my husband and I that I had a fibroid, cysts and polycystic ovaries. He said I could choose to do a surgery for them to be scrappedHe referred me to a gynaecologist, and after about another 8 months, my period began. 

At first, it wasn’t regular but it later became regular. I was very happy! We kept trying to have children all to no avail. As a nurse, this was really devastating.

On Tuesday 22nd May 2018, you came to London Aparche and I was present in the service. I didn’t want to be late as its always a blessing being in your service so I asked my husband to get me a seat in front, which he did.

As you came to the stage, I followed your every movement with my eyes, heart, and head. Lo and behold, you called for those who were looking for the fruit of the womb to stand up. My heart skipped a beat. I was shy to get up as I felt everyone knew I was looking for a child. This is also because I have been a member of the church for 14 years. You repeated it and walked down the auditorium so I stood up. 

Lots of people stood up but you mentioned that the Holy Spirit had told you to pray for a lady at Roll 7; that was me. You called me out to the front.

As I stood in front, you said you saw a baby cot, but there was a big black bird whose wings was so big, such that each side was touching every corner of Aparche building and that God asked you to curse the bird so the baby would come. 

Before you could start praying, the power of God was so strong that I fell under the anointing in tears. When I stood up, I was in shock that God could be specific in locating me.  I knew my time had come for the shame to be removed. 

After praying for me, you called forward others who were looking for children and you prayed for them. 

You then began to sing the song “Onise Iyanu“- God is indeed a God of awesome wonders.

You prayed for me on Tuesday, 22nd May 2018. A week before that, I did a pregnancy test and it was negative, but on Saturday the 26th May4 days after you prayed for me, I was on duty and went to do another pregnancy test. To the Glory of God, it came back positive. I could not believe it. 

I thought maybe I had mixed the sample together with that of another patient so I kept it and did another one immediately afterward and it was still positive. I thought the equipment was faulty, so I took the kit home for 2 weeks to check but it did not change. Within this 2 week period, I kept doing pregnancy tests until I felt the Holy Spirit rebuke me that I did not believe in Him. 

I then decided to go for a scan and the sonographer said my baby was 8 weeks old. She also said she could not see any fibroid or cyst. She said my ovaries were in good health.  

This means when you prayed for me, God planted a 6-week old baby in my womb! God also made me skip half of my 1st trimester without any side effects, and till date, people are still shocked by how I have been so strong and where I get the energy from.  I have had 4 scans in total and no fibroid or cyst has been detected. 

Today, I had my 21 weeks scan and they said I am expecting a baby boy. I have been asked not to do any more scans because the baby is fine and healthy. 

Now, when people see me, they all remember the service where you called me out and prayed for me

I am so happy and grateful tGod. Thank you for yielding yourself for this great work.