Dear Kakra,

I was listening to one of your sermons on YouTube last night titled, “How to experience God as Father.” You shared a testimony about how your passport got stolen from someone’s house and was later returned after you prayed. In your prayer, you stated that angels, who are our sisters and brothers in the kingdom of heaven, should do a house search and bring your passport back – and truly your passport was found

Now, this is my testimony!!

After I was done listening to the sermon, my fiancé called from Ghana that he traveled from Accra to Kumasi, went to eat at a restaurant and forgot his wallet, which contained his resident Ukraine passport, some ATM cards, and other valuable items. 

Suddenly, I remembered the sermon and your testimony, and prayed to God saying, “The angels that are our brothers and sisters should help him find the wallet.

To the Glory of God, his wallet was found with everything intact.

In another sermon, you declared that all sicknesses be healed. That same night, I had severe pain in my leg, but right after your declaration, the pain vanished

May the name of the Lord be praised!