Dear Kakra,

Our God is a prayer answering God!

One Sunday, my wife and I came to see you for prayers after church with a seed offering regarding a job I had lost 10 months earlier, and also about delayed childbirth after 6 years of marriage. 

The following day, I got an email from my former boss responding to an earlier mail I sent. He stated in the mail that he was sorry and that there were no vacancies. 

Despite the negative response, we chose to thank God for giving me a job. 

A few months after, I got a call from another manager in a different country asking if I would be interested in a job offer. I smiled because I knew our God was at work. 

later got to know that my boss, who earlier on said there were no vacancies, actually recommended me for this job.

I have started my new job to the glory of our awesome God. 

We are waiting patiently for part 2 of our testimony which is the fruit of the womb. Our God is able@