Hebrews 13:7

Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.

There is a cliché that says everything rises and falls on leadership. Everyone is a leader; at least you are a leader of yourself. That’s why you must develop leadership qualities.

I want us to examine some marks of leadership.  In summary, the verse says; Christians are to identify and emulate their leaders. Let’s examine some signs;

1. Leaders live by the word. 

They “Spoke the word of God.”  The word is spoken by our actions and by our words. To be a good leader you must practice the principles of God’s word.

2. Leaders are role models.

Their life is supposed to challenge us to do better. “Consider the outcome of their way of life.” 

Decide to be a good role model to your kids, friends, and spouse. It will provoke them to good works.

3. Leaders live by faith.

It takes faith to venture into a new area. Faith in God can make a man blaze a new path.

You need faith to marry, start a new business or heal the sick. A leader must be able to tread where others fear to tread otherwise he cannot lead.

Decide to be a good leader and practice these principles.

Kakra Baiden