Dear Kakra,

I came to see you last Sunday after church about my house that was at foreclosure. You said your usual short prayer and God answered!

My life time investment has been locked up with a finance house for the last two years. Things had become very difficult for my family and I.

My mortgage was in arrears and the bank came to place a for-sale banner on my house and gave me a deadline to pay. I kept trusting God and the Holy Spirit directed me to see a certain rich man.

I don’t know him from Adam and he didn’t look friendly. He listened to me without showing any emotions, and I left. A day before the deadline given by the bank to clear my arrears, his Son called me and said his Dad said I should come for the money the following day to pay for the house. I thought I was dreaming.

The following morning they called again to find out if I was coming. I went for the cheque and went to the bank that same day and paid the bank off.

I’m mortgage free! I went back to the man so we could talk about the repayment and he said I should go.

I’m still in shock! God is soooooo good!