Dear Kakra,

Our God is good!

I wrote to you some time ago requesting prayer for the blessing of the fruit of the wombI had experienced two miscarriages and had a hard time conceiving again. You replied that you haprayed for me.

By the grace of God, I became pregnant, but it turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy, so it had to be removed. I was heartbroken! 

After series of tests, I was told I had poor equality of ovaries (eggs), and that the only way to have children is through IVF and with borrowed eggs. The day I was told this, I was crushed because my husband and I could not afford it.

I wrote to you again, and you assured me you had prayed and that God is going to give me my own children.

To the glory of God, I am now pregnant. This is a natural pregnancy; no IVF and no borrowed eggs. I believe I will carry this baby full term, and deliver like the Hebrew women. 

God alone be praised!