To honor someone is to respect, recognize or give the person privileges. It is easy to honor people because they are tangible and can be seen but how can you honor a God who is intangible and cannot be seen with the naked eye?
Isaiah 58:13
“… And shalt honour him, not doing thine own ways, nor finding thine own pleasure, nor speaking thine own words.”
In this verse, Israel was shown three ways to honor God, let’s examine them.
1. Don’t do things your way.
“Not doing thine own ways” There are many ways of going about the same thing. For example, the way to God is through salvation by the blood of Jesus. People have manufactured other spiritual ways like doing good or attending church. All are commendable but they are not God’s way to salvation. 
2. Don’t follow your pleasure.
This means not following what you delight or find joy in. Follow what God delights in. For example, God delights in forgiveness but if you follow your pleasure, you may hold on to bitterness and not forgive. 
3. Don’t speak your own words.
The words we speak must be consistent with the principles of God’s word. You may want to use swear words and curse but the Bible encourages us not to let any corrupt words come out of our mouths.
It is time to honor God by following his ways, pleasure and words.

Kakra Baiden