There are experiences in life that are so painful and deep they are sometimes difficult to forget.

I was recently talking to someone who could not let go off a painful relationship. It had wasted her time, opportunities and resources.

What can you do to overcome a persistent, nagging negative memory that refuses to go?

Isaiah 65:17
“See, I will create New heavens and a new earth. The former things will not be remembered, Nor will they come to mind.”

1. God Can Stop Painful Memories.
The “former things” are the painful memories, and He can make you stop thinking about them. If you were thinking about it every day, it can reduce to once a month, then once in three months, and then finally, it will all vanish.

2. The Painful Memories Will Not Come To Mind Naturally.
“They will not come to mind.” These memories will no longer come up by reflex. They will be relegated to the background.

3. God Will Create New Positive Memories.
When you suffer a broken relationship and enter a new one, which is better and sweeter, it makes you forget the past. A new positive experience and memory has displaced the old one.
God can create a “new heaven;” a new experience to replace the old.

Ask the Lord to take away bitter memories and replace them with new wonderful memories!

Kakra Baiden