Dear Kakra,

I write to testify of how God through you healed me of a headache.

I lost my dad and went for a family meeting on the 25/11/18 at his village. My head accidentally hit the entrance to the house. I took a pain killer that night when I got back but I still felt the pains. I knew it was not normal, so I tried other remedies but the pain kept increasing till Sunday when I stayed behind for the third service. 

When you were about finishing the sermon, you mentioned that there was someone present who had a persistent headache. You called the person forward for prayer.

I walked to the front together with many others. You prayed for us and anointed us with oil.

I say to the glory of God that, the pain vanished instantly afterwards, and I have not felt it again.

I know any evil planned against me has been aborted in Jesus name.

God richly bless you!