Dear Kakra,

About two and half months ago, informed you about two things I needed prayers for; marriage and an opportunity to travel.

As usual, you prayed a 30 seconds prayer with me, and told me to pursue whichever comes first because that will be God’s will for my life. 

Just three weeks after your prayers, got a call from a friend concerning an opened opportunity to travel abroad and further my education.

Initially, didn’t want to accept it since that country isn’t my dream country, but remembered what you told me after your prayers and decided to go ahead with it.

But before started the process, came to see you again and you told me the favour of God will make a way for me. started the whole process, and within one and half months, I was done with it, and also got my visa. 

A lady I met at the embassy when I went for my visa even confessed that what happened must be a miracle since such procedures are often cumbersome and winding. At that point, I understood that indeed it is the will of God for my life.

As I am writing to you right now, I am in South Korea studying

Indeed, the favour and grace of God has also given me a jobI am just three weeks here, and God is doing great things in my life because of your prayers.

God bless you. May His Anointing in your life multiply abundantly.