Dear Prophet,

just want to thank and praise God for using you mightily as an instrument of blessing in my life

For 9 months, was jobless and without any financial stability. This often made me frustrated and depressed. I also felt trapped in life, but still had faith that God would somehow come through for me.

came for a Tuesday service in the first week of April, and during the service, you had a word of knowledge and said, “If you feel trapped in life, and nothing seems to be moving on for you come forward for prayer.” I came forward and you prayed for me. Exactly 2 weeks after the prayer, got a call from a company had applied to in January. They informed me that had been selected for a job interview. I was shocked because so many months had passed. I went for the interview all the same and by the grace of God, out of all the people interviewed,was the only male candidate offered the job. 

Since I started working, the Lord has given me favour before my boss, and the salary is twice the pay of my former job. Just want to thank God for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. Indeed, HE has given me double for my trouble. Amen!