Do you find yourself in a bad situation? Maybe you lost a baby, job, relationship or money. Sometimes, you can find some good things in a bad situation.

Gold is normally mixed with mud. You have to separate it.

Isaiah 65:8
This is what the Lord says: “As when juice is still found in a cluster of grapes And people say, ‘Don’t destroy it, There is still a blessing in it,’So will I do in behalf of my servants; I will not destroy them all.”

There is sometimes the tendency to rubbish or destroy everything because we are facing a problem.

I once spoke to a woman who could not see any good in her life, because she could not have a child. I told her not to “destroy” everything because there was still a lot of “juice” or good things she could enjoy. She could choose to enjoy her freedom by traveling, studying or even getting closer to her husband and God.

The fact that you failed an exam does not mean you cannot complete your education. There is still “juice” in you.

The Lord is urging you, “don’t destroy” your marriage because of one incident; don’t turn away from God because of one slip. You may be older, but there is still a blessing in your life. Squeeze it with the hand of faith and enjoy the “juice.”

Stand up; identify the good things and fight!

Kakra Baiden