Have you ever lacked anything? It could be a lack of love in a marriage, finances, peace, a job or a lack of God in your life. How can you break the power of lack so that your joy will be filled? The words of Jesus in Luke 22:35 provide some answers.
“And he said unto them, When I sent you without purse, and scrip, and shoes, lack ye any thing? And they said, nothing.”
One thing you can do to break the power of lack is to do things which are initiated by God – “God has to send you.” “Initiative” means to take the first step. Many times, we take the first step in our decisions, and ask God to bless it.
One day, I sent someone to buy me some stuff. Because I sent him, I gave him money to pay for the stuff. Another time, someone bought something without my knowledge and asked me to pay for it. I did not, because the initiative did not come from me.
Make sure God takes the initiative for whatever you do, because God always provides for his plans, and you will not lack!
Kakra Baiden