There are certain actions that we take that are instigated by the devil. Sometimes, a rash business decision can destroy years of hardworking.
1 Chronicles 21:1 reads, “And Satan stoop up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel.”
I once knew a gentleman, who one day out of the blue decided to break his relationship with the girl he loved. He later rescinded his decision, but it was too late: the girl left him.
What makes us sometimes take rash and hasty decisions to our destruction? Some people can suddenly resign from a good job for no good reason, and live with the regret of unemployment for years. Church members can suddenly leave a good church for no reason. What happened? They were provoked by the devil. The original Hebrew definition of that word is to prick or stimulate. Some of these rash and sudden decisions are orchestrated by the devil.
Next time you are being tempted to make a rash decision; to make a major decision about a temporary situation, to focus on the minor and major on the minor, remember that maybe you are being provoked by the devil.
You need to be patient, prayerful, and study the Word, and it won’t be long that rash decision will be discarded!

Kakra Baiden