There is a saying that goes; “seeing is believing.” This may be true when it comes to normal life, but in the realm of the spirit, the opposite is true; believing is seeing.

Proverbs 23:26
My son, give me thine heart, and let thine eyes observe my ways.

Your heart in this context is your spirit. I want us to examine some examples.

1. Some people want to see a sign before they give their life to Jesus.
There are many who want God to prove Himself to them with some sign before they give their life to Him. In the spirit realm, however, you must believe before you see. It is only when we give our “heart” that we can “see” or experience God with our eyes.

2. To work miracles, you must believe before you see.You need to rely on the Holy Spirit to guide your ‘spirit’ before you can see signs and wonders. If you rely on your eyes, you will not see the glory of God.

3. You must believe the scriptures to be blessed. To receive the blessings of the scriptures, you must embrace its truths with faith, before you can experience the blessings contained in it.

Do you want to be blessed?
Then remember that with God, believing is seeing. Follow Him with your heart or spirit; not your mind!

Kakra Baiden