Dear Kakra,

I wrote to you somewhere in June, that a multinational company, was consulting for on part-time basis wanted to recruit me for a position they had announced. The timing was so perfectbecause had lost my job then.

I requested that you pray for me. You replied with a short prayer, saying, “I have prayed for you. May you find favour with all concerning your job application, and may you be employed.”

They came over to meet me in Accra for the interview, although it was through the headhunting approach. They reassured me of the position and started discussing other compensation packages the preceding weeks. 

Afterward, there was complete silence. I did not hear from them for one monthBut, I still had faith in the Lord.

The next time heard from them, the HR for Africa was directing me to their organization’s website to reapply for the position. She also added that, should consider all the deliberations between us as null and void, and that we were starting the process all over again.

Before even made another attempt to reapply, sent you another email informing you of the new development. 

You replied that you had prayed for me and said you were looking forward to my testimony.
One month after the advert placement, had a mail from the HR from our Costa Rica subsidiary that she was now in charge of the recruitment. She scheduled a phone interview with me, which gladly honoured. The purpose of the interview was to negotiate with me the old salary proposed, and also to know when would be ready to start work. She also indicated that they interviewed a lot of candidates and no one could match my experience and skill set.

Glory be to God!

Three days after the phone call, was issued with an offer letter and they offered the same salary I had proposed. This salary is twice what earned from the old job lost. Also, this one comes with a lot of international exposure.

Awrite you, have returned from my first international trip, where attended orientation and there is another one lined up for me at the end of October.

In all these, I know it was the favour and the figure of God at work. 

Thank you for availing yourself to be used by God to bless lives such as mine.