Dear Kakra,

I am with much joy as I share my testimony with you. 

I met you in 2016 at a programme at the Qadesh. In fact, that was the first time seeing you although I had been listening to your five minutes sermons on Facebook daily. 

During the ministration, you mentioned that an angel had entered the auditorium and was holding a golden bowl full of goodness. Suddenly, I felt a certain sensation that I have never felt before in my entire life. I began to laugh and I spoke in tongues. You touched me and said, “This boy will be laughing soon.

That marked the turning point in life. True to your words, the glory of God has manifested in so many ways.

Firstly, I was selected among 11 for admission out of 97 applicants for a Master’s degree programme. God opened the way by giving me financial assistance through an uncle of mine. 

Secondly, I have a job now even though I have some four months to finish my masters. I thank God for allowing me to come into contact with you.

May His name be praised!