Hello Prophet,
I have a wonderful testimony to share with you.
Man of God, I asked you to pray for me against lust, pornography and masturbation, I was addicted to this unhealthy habits since I was 12 years old.
Secondly, I couldn’t smell since from birth and asked you to pray for me so that I can smell.
Moreover, I used to have bad body odour for many years. This made me not to stay around people. I’ll be home alone or with my family only because every time I go out, people will sense a bad smell on me.
And again I had a problem of nose bleeding and teeth bleeding. Every time I wake up I’ll see blood in my mouth.
Man of God I’m writing you to tell you that after I sent you the message, I listened to your message (Being in the spirit) and took a nap in wait for your reply.
Then after some few minutes, I received your email. After reading your email which you told me that you had prayed for me, I felt the coldness going through my body and at that instance I believed I was healed.
I’m here to tell you that I’m totally healed. Delivered from all the problems that I asked you to pray for me. I don’t have the urge to watch pornography and masturbate. I can now smell, my nose and teeth no longer bleed. And the bad smell from my body is no longer there! Hallelujah!
Thank you Prophet. May God increase the grace upon you in Jesus name. Amen!!!