Dear Prophet,
God bless you for responding to the call to be a prophet to the world. I have these two testimonies that I want to share to the glory of God. I sent you a prayer request concerning a land some people want to take from my family.
Prophet when you replied, I told my siblings we have won so they should relax because I believe in God and I believe also in you(his prophet). As you said in your prayers those who are with us are more than those with them. Prophet, you won’t believe what happened; the whole village came to support us including the chief himself who is the judge of the case and we won the case hands down. Our contenders didn’t agree but the chief said wherever they send the case he is ready to testify for my family.
Prophet, my second testimony is that; I was sleeping on a small mat in my brother’s room when I started partnering with AirPower 3 years ago, now am able to rent a room on my own. Recently, I was wondering how I was going to renew my rent. Again, to the glory of God I have paid for another year, 3 months before my rent expires and God is opening a door for me to travel to South Africa.
I can only say glory be to God for great things he has done and greater things he will do. Thank you Prophet,
God bless you and increase your anointing Amen.