Proverbs 15:6
“In the house of the righteous is much treasure: but in the revenues of the wicked is trouble.”

How do you measure wealth? In the world, wealth is measured generally by the amount of money you have in your accounts. But should that be the sole determinant of wealth? There are many so called “wealthy” people who lead miserable lives. What makes you wealthy?

In this scripture, the wealth of two people are being compared; the wicked and the righteous. The wealth of the wicked is determined solely by “revenues” or his income, whilst the wealth of the righteous is determined by his righteousness. His righteousness is regarded as wealth. If you think about it, you will discover this to be true.

For example, since I became born again, my expenditure has gone down dramatically because I do not have to use my money to support a lot of vices. Consequently this has brought increase to my finances.

Righteousness has also freed me from ill health and rather made me healthy because my lifestyle does not predispose me to certain diseases.

Finally, it has given me a beautiful stress-free home, full of love and security and such things as cannot be purchased with money.

Righteousness will bless you with tangible and intangible wealth, so lead a righteous life!

Kakra Baiden

This devotional is an excerpt from one of Kakra Baiden’s Six Energy Drink Books.

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