Dear Kakra,

About two weeks before the National covid lockdown, I came to see you to pray for me because I was being laid off at work. At the time, I owed the bank, my rent was due and I had no savings because I had channeled all my resources into my building project. You prayed for me. After two weeks, nothing changed; the country went on lockdown and I lost my job. 

I planned to relocate to the village when the lockdown was lifted. I just had five days for my rent to expire and then the miracles started. 

Firstly, through some divine means, a friend I had spoken to about my situation was able to secure a free three bedroom gated house for me. I did not know the owner of this house from anywhere. A total stranger blessed me with a free house far bigger and nicer than where I used to live. Then two days before I moved to my new house, a call came through; it was an appointment for a job offer. The amazing thing about this miracle was that, I got hired without any interview. The appointment was for the job briefing and I started work that same day. I couldn’t believe I got a new job within the lockdown period when employers were busily laying off their staff. The best part of this testimony was the constant cash gifts I received over the period including dollars I received from a friend abroad who usually never discusses things with regards to money with me. I have never experienced anything like this in my life. These can only be the Lord’s doing and it is truly marvelous in my eyes.                                                                                                                                                                                By the grace of God, my loan has been paid off completely and I have made great progress with my building project. I am still enjoying my rent-free fully air conditioned house and I also have a good amount of money saved in an investment. 

I am grateful to God for showing me so much kindness. God bless you and increase the anointing on your life.