Dear Kakra,

I completed my Master’s in 2012.  I had struggled to get promoted or secure a better position for favorable wages. I remember you prayed for me in March 2018 when I went for an interview as a Service Manager in the organization I was working for. Although I wasn’t successful, I remember the last part of your reply. After praying for me you said, “When Jesus opens the door, no man can shut it.”

I was made redundant from that organization in June 2019 and every attempt to secure a job elsewhere failed. A small voice asked me why I couldn’t start a company to run the same business. I thought it was impossible to do this business but I remembered the last words in the e-mail you last sent that, “when Jesus opens the door, no one can shut it!” I prayed about it and God made a way and gave me a partner so we started the business that year.

God has surprised me and rewarded our company with almost £6 million worth of contract in the biggest borough in England. Thank God for this amazing miracle.

I want to share this testimony that no matter how long it will take, “when Jesus opens the door, no man can shut it!”