Dear Kakra,

I wrote to you the last concerning my mum who was diagnosed with fibroid and needed to undergo a surgery. You replied that you had prayed for her and commanded any fibroid to leave her womb in the name of Jesus. One night she had a dream and in the dream she saw someone remove something from her stomach and a voice that said “I am removing it.” Before the set date for the operation, we insisted the doctor take a last scan before and to our amazement the fibroid had disappeared. What a miracle! The doctor who was Muslim was amazed at what happened. He called my mum back three days later and when she got to his office, he fell to his knees and asked her to pray for him and confessed that our God is indeed a Mighty God! Now my mum is fine.

I want to use this opportunity thank the Almighty God for his miraculous work and you Prophet, for your powerful prayer that has yielded this miracle.