Esther 8:15
“When Mordecai left the king’s presence, he was wearing royal garments of blue and white, a large crown of gold and a purple robe of fine linen. And the city of Susa held a joyous celebration.”

To go before the king, Mordecai had to be in royal robes. Similarly, you cannot go before God; the king of Kings anyhow. The royal garments are symbolic of the “Spiritual robes” you must wear in the presence of God. Let’s look at the symbolism.

Blue Garments.
Blue is the color of the heavens. It represents the heavenly. To approach God, you must be a citizen of heaven or born again. You must be blue blooded; a child of the king.

White Garments.
This signifies purity or holiness. God is holy and all who approach Him must be holy.

A Crown Of Gold.
Children of God are spiritual kings. We are made kings and priests by the blood of Jesus. The crown is symbolic of our status in Christ.

Purple Robe.
Purple is a combination of blue and red. The blue stands for the heavenly and the red stands for blood or humanity. This symbolizes that we are in the world, but we are not of this world. It’s a mixture of the divine and the human.

Fine Linen.
This symbolizes righteous acts; Revelation 19:8. These acts may include witnessing, mercy and love.

When we put on royal robes, we can approach God easily. Put on your robes!

Kakra Baiden