Dear Kakra, 

I was told I was going to die by the end of July 2018, so I came to see you the very Tuesday I heard the news. After the Tuesday Service, you asked me whether I believed that I was going to die. I hesitated a little, and you asked me again whether I believed it and I answered NO. You placed one hand on my forehead and one on my shoulder and prayed for me.

While you were praying, I began to shake within and under my feet. Meanwhile, every other part of my body was normal. I felt peaceful and an instant relief after your prayer.

I later went on trek to Bolga on the last day of July, 2018, and not even a mosquito bit me on that day. There was no accident, and I had a successful trip. God is so good because I AM STILL ALIVE, and have seen the year 2019.

I thank you for always being there for my family and I. 

To God be all the glory!