Teach me good judgement and knowledge: for I have believed thy commandments. 
Ps. 119:66
One of the things we all have to do every single day is the exercise of judgment. We take hundreds, and sometimes thousands of decisions each day. Some are minor – like deciding what to wear, and some are major – like deciding what job to do. Even the minor decisions, in the long run, sum up to become major decisions.

Deciding what to eat may look harmless but in the long run, it reflects on your health and wealth. How can we have good judgment?

1. It has to be taught. This is because we do not have the natural propensity for it. It is found in the knowledge and commandments of God.

2. We can acquire this knowledge through studying the word, by the Spirit of God and by the help of men of God.

3. Good judgment comes from believing.

Your belief in the word of God will guide you more than your so-called analytical calculus mind.

Make sure you exercise good judgement with the help of the tools God has provided!

Kakra Baiden