Dear Kakra,

I thank God for this great miracle that has occurred in my life!

Two weeks ago, after your sermon in church, you called forward people who experienced some form of itching after bathing.

I was the first person to come forward because I had suffered this severe itching for about 25 years. My parents had tried all sort of medication during those years but to no avail. I was told by herbal doctors that it was piles, so was asked to stop eating meat and chicken. I obeyed and stopped, but this was of no effect, so I resumed eating my meat and chicken.

At one time, a dermatologist cut part of my skin for testing, but nothing was found.

I gave up and was taking “Rizin tablet” almost every day to soothe it.

Just today during my afternoon prayer, the Holy Spirit drew my attention to it and I realized I haven’t taken that tablet for some time now. God has completely healed me without me realizing it. I give Him all the glory.

Thank you so much and may God continue to use you for greater works!