Hello Prophet,

All glory and honour be to our God most high!

I am ever grateful to you for allowing God to use you to answer my prayers. 

I sent you a message a few weeks back concerning my university graduate brother, who had become addicted to drugs for the past ten years, and the pain and strain it had on my family as a result. You replied and said you had prayed for him.

Prophet, your prayers have been answered and my brother has found a job today. Hallelujah! It is our prayer that he would be completely delivered from this addiction and stay in this job until he retires. 

Please, paste this testimony on Facebook for others to be encouraged. Its been ten long years, but God finally wiped our tears. Nothing will remain the same forever. It may tarry but shall surely come to pass. I can’t thank you enough. May God in Heaven bless you and enlarge your territory. May He lift your ministry to greater, unimaginable heights!