Dear Kakra,
About four months ago, I started listening to your Podcast messages.
For about three months, I repeatedly listened to the message titled, “Mental Struggles” every midnight. At a point, my wife complained that I should allow other messages to also play, but I said to her that repetition will produce the required faith.
Seemingly impossible things were becoming easy to believe and my faith began to grow.
One Sunday after service, I came to see you and said to you that I wanted to buy a Land that very week and needed prayer. You said a very short prayer for me; that God would guide me with wisdom.
Prior to this, I had no money to purchase the said land.
That same week, my wife led me to a Land she had bought four years ago and presented it to me as a surprise.
As if that was not enough, suddenly my business took another shape and I am developing this land I received mysteriously. God willing, we will be moving into our own house soon.
I recommend the message “Mental Struggles” to every young man approaching 40 years. It’s a game changer.
God richly bless you!