Dear Kakra,

On December 8th 2018, I went to the hospital, and was told by my doctor after a scan that there was the need for me to go through a medical procedure to remove something from my body. This is something I have gone through before and did not want to go through a second time, because it was an unpleasant and painful experience.

I came to see you on Sunday, 9th December for prayer. You prayed a short but powerful prayer for me.

I went back to see my doctor on Monday 10th December, which was the scheduled date for the procedure to take place. 

My doctor did the scan again and to the glory of God, what he was going to remove from my body had reduced so much that he cancelled the procedure. He said there was no need for it. I went back for a scan six days later and there was nothing at all there to be seen. It had completely disappeared. 

I am so grateful to God for this miracle. I can’t thank Him enough.

May His name be praised!