Dear Kakra,

I contacted you concerning my marriage, which was falling apart. My husband was having an affair. I also requested that you pray for me to know God for myself.

You replied that you had prayed for me and also recommended one of your books titled “Revealed” to me. I thank God for the many revelations I got from reading it. I see practical changes both in my life and ministry.

To the glory of God, my husband called me one evening and said these words to me, “We have come a very long way, and I have to be a good husband to you and a real father to our children. I’m sorry I’ve not been there for you as I should and I’m scared of what God might do to me. From today, I’ll have nothing to do with that other lady anymore. I’ve asked her to go back to her husband, because she packed out of her matrimonial home, and expected me to do same. But I thought deep and I thank God for opening my eyes.”

My husband has since then been a changed person. I am lost for words!

I thank God for the great things He is using you to do in many lives including mine.

I pray our Lord continues to make you great and protect your household as you continue caring for many like myself, in Jesus name!